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Curry is very strong
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Stephen - Curry

Last year's finals were full of drama. If the final Owen did not vote in one-third, but the library hit, then the championship is the Warriors, and then the number of champion Curry ( More news from ) tied the James. But now into a one, inside and outside the champion gap becomes 1-3, the library behind two. Even if the library this year and next year to win, the number of championship, but also tied the James. If the library wants to close James's historical position, it must improve their spiritual strength and performance.

Although Curry is very strong, is an epoch-making pitcher, but now he and Jordan is still a bit early. Jordan in a total of 35 games in the finals, single-game scoring never fell below 20 points. And Curry in last year's finals there are four games less than 20 points in 2015 there is a less than 20 points. Too dependent on the long shot, which makes Curry in a bad feel at a loss.

This season Curry played the best career in the playoffs, averaging 28.6 points, 50.2% hit rate, 43.1% of the three-point shooting rate is the highest career record, the Warriors three consecutive swept the opponent, which means that the total The final library must be guarded. If the library can guarantee their own state, it is not only the warriors win chance to increase, and Curry may also get their dream of the honor - Finals MVP.
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